Vocational college equips apprentices with the basic theory and skills they’ll need for business life, as well as helping them develop initiative and a sense of personal responsibility. Alessia has chosen to specialise in IKA/ICA (information, communications and administration), but she is also gaining a knowledge of economy and society (W&G/E&S). The Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (EFZ) and the business and language skills it provides additionally serve as the basis for more specific ongoing commercial training.

KV apprenticeship, Profile B (2018 – 2021); employed by BVZ, works at Avenir Suisse

Professional Experience:

2nd & 3rd year of apprenticeship, Profile B, Avenir Suisse (Oct 19 – Jul 21); repeated 1st year of apprenticeship, Profile B, ElektroLife AG (Aug 18 – Jul 19); 1st year of apprenticeship, Profile E, ElektroLife AG (Aug 17 – Jul 18).