Commercial apprenticeship (1982–85); training to become a qualified management assistant (SAK) at Düsseldorf-based Sekretärinnen-Akademie e. V., (1995–97).

Professional Experience:

Commercial clerk in sales (1985–90); executive secretary at companies in the private sector (industry, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, and management consulting), including more than 16 years as management assistant at a Hamburg actuarial firm (1998–2015).
Change in professional course since moving to Zurich in Switzerland in fall 2015: From September 2016 to May 2017, clerk in sales (cosmetics industry); since October 201,5 part-time role at nachtaktiv GmbH (administration, marketing, and supporting management with light planning and design); in parallel, freelance photographer operating under the name IMF – Inga Marty Fotografie.