Income inequality in Switzerland? Steady. Salaries in Switzerland? Increasing. Global inequality? Decreasing. Switzerland’s income distribution in the current international context? Likely to break a record. These are the key conclusions of a study led by Avenir Suisse regarding income distribution. The results have been illustrated in a series of infographics that can be viewed on our website.

When it comes to income distribution in Switzerland, the public opinion seems to believe that life has become tougher and inequalities are on the rise. But, is this really the case? In its latest publication, Avenir Suisse has examined a series of current theses on the subject of wealth distribution, putting an emphasis on income distribution. The results will be published today, in the form of short explanatory texts and numerous interactive charts.

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The primary conclusions are optimistic:

  • Switzerland is an egalitarian society and, in comparison with other countries, has achieved remarkable stability.
  • The gap between rich and poor, which has so often been condemned, has not grown.
  • Income increases with each generation.
  • Global inequality decreases. A progressively large fraction of the world’s population escapes poverty.

Avenir Suisse wishes to calm the animated debates that often arise when talking about wealth distribution with an analysis based on facts. Our current situation is much better than we imagine, and income is not distributed more unequally than before.