andreas schmid

After a thorough selection process, Andreas Schmid was elected unanimously. His term will cover three years, with the possibility of a single extension. The decision ensures continuity for Avenir Suisse’s successful work, as the new president has been actively engaged for many years. From 2003–2006, he was a member of the Board of Trustees, before moving to Avenir Suisse’s Patrons’ Foundation, which he has chaired since 2010. Under his leadership, support for the liberal Think Tank was expanded to include countless small and medium sized companies, as well as individuals, contributing significantly to its financial stability.

As president of the Patrons’ Foundation, Andreas Schmid is an ex officio member of Avenir Suisse’s leadership committee, which closely follows the team. Thus he is very familiar with the chairs and members of various committees, as well as the Director and his team. Combined with his close links with Swiss business and politics, this should provide a sound basis for Avenir Suisse’s further successful development.