Digital Think Tank Summit 2021

«Migration Policies towards Refugees and Asylum Seekers and Their Impact on the Labor Market, Social Systems and on National Security»

21 – 22 January 2021
Online Conference

Transnational migration policies are a hot topic in Switzerland as well as among EU states. International migratory movements are rising in an increasingly interconnected world, with growing populations and outsiders seeking work and security in developed countries.

European countries are critical to migration, especially because of security and cultural concerns, which have to be taken seriously by policy makers. At the same time, destination countries face issues such as shrinking workforces due to ageing societies. To what extent does refugee and asylum migration align with these factors? What are the consequences for immigration countries’ labor markets, social systems and security, and which policies have shown positive results?

Avenir Suisse’s fifth annual Think Tank Summit seeks to foster a fact-based dialogue on migration, focusing on refugees and asylum seekers. International policies on the labor market, social systems and security risks will be discussed, as well as transnational conditions for return and reintegration. The debate will encompass the economic impact of refugees on developed countries, and perspectives for Swiss as well as EU refugee politics.

We aim to provide an international platform, connecting high-profile policy makers, scientists and representatives from the public and private sectors and across national borders. Hence, migration is an issue requiring transnational cooperation.

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