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This is the preliminary program of the digital Think Tank Summit 2021 and will be updated continuously. Click here for more information on our speakers.

Thursday, 21 January 2021 – Moderation: Tama Vakeesan
Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Context of the Labor Market, the Social System and National Security

What policy measures are taken by different countries regarding refugees’ and asylum seekers’ access to the labor market and what are the outcomes? What impact does refugee immigration have on welfare systems and what policies have proven helpful (or ineffective) ? How can security risks among refugees and asylum seekers be reduced?
A Data-Driven Approach to Improving Refugee Integration Outcomes’

Data driven methods pose an innovative response to the global refugee crisis. Solutions based on artificial intelligence can help assigning asylum seekers to the right location in accordance with their knowledge and skills, which can improve integration into the labor market.
Refugee Integration Policy in Switzerland: Milestones and Challenges

Switzerland’s refugee integration policy is often regarded as exemplary in foreign countries. What makes this exemplary function and where is room for improvement? Future challenges and possible solutions are at the scope.
Friday, 22 January 2021 – Moderation: Tama Vakeesan
Refugees and Their Impact on Economic Development /strong>

A common view holds that economic and social net costs of refugees outweigh possible benefits in their host countries. But is this accurate? Are there benefits of refugee migration? What are the driving forces for costs and benefits? Do existing refugee policies foster more positive or more negative results?
Creating Transnational Conditions for Return and Re-Integration

Returning migrants with irregular status to their countries of origin is crucial to avoid dangerous and degrading conditions in European countries. But it requires cooperation between host nations, transition states and countries of origin. How can this goal be achieved? Which actors are involved and what obstacles exist?
Swiss and EU Refugee Policies – Ways Forward

Refugee policies are widely debated in Switzerland as well as in EU member states. What are the fundamental problems in this area? Actions driving or preventing common policies will be analyzed, alongside the chances and obstacles emerging from the current crisis. We ask what a coherent European refugee policy might look like, and what role the private sector might play?


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