There are bad pennies in politics, ideas that turn up again and again even though their unsuitability has long been proven. On the other hand there are also smart proposals for reforms that repeatedly fail because of the same objections. Our new publication looks at both categories: the zombies in the political discourse, but also the liberal’s dream reforms.  

Perhaps some of the articles in this issue of avenir special will strike a chord with you. It’s a collection of texts based on a series of research articles that we published on our website over the summer. For this publication, all the articles were updated, and some were added to. 

The articles were written by Avenir Suisse economists in all five of our research areas. They thus cover the entire spectrum of our work from subsidies and energy policy through decentralized federalism and healthcare to pensions and the labor market. Our authors show which proposed reforms have unjustly disappeared into oblivion – and which ideas should be buried for good.