The aging of society has many consequences: People reach higher and higher ages – and stay young for longer and longer. This encouraging development is a challenge for society at various levels – not just financially: the number of retirees in Switzerland will grow by 900,000 (+ 61%) to 2.4 million by 2035, while the working population will only increase by 7% in the same period.

The self-assured and financially strong generation of baby boomers also opens up opportunities for a growing market in the areas of health, finance, leisure and lifestyle. For the ability to serve this market, flexible working models, a systematic dialogue with senior citizens in the company, and rendering the retirement age more flexible are necessary for keeping older employees in the company. An increase in the pension age helps stabilizing first pillar pension finances. At the same time, the organization of the care for the elderly needs optimizing over the whole supply chain in order to be able to cope with the growing demand for personnel and the rising cost.