Fed up of travelling in jam packed rush hour trains? Our video “Mobility pricing can make travelling more pleasant” offers a simple solution: if ticket prices for public transport were based on time of travel, passengers wouldn’t end up treading on each other’s toes.

Illustrationen/Animation: Sergo Mikirtumov, Archill Kukhianidze

More detailed answers on how mobility pricing can limit traffic growth can be found in our publication: “Mobility Pricing: Wege zur Kostenwahrheit im Verkehr” (in German) by Daniel Müller-Jentsch.

Our new video-series “Avenir Suisse in Motion” uses pictures instead of words to explain our position on market economics and a liberal society. We aim to portray complex economic problems simply and with a touch of humour. Of course, the real world is often more complicated than just pictures. But making things makes us focus on the essentials: Where exactly is the problem? And what’s our solution?