In “CH 1995 2035 – Global Tends, National Challenges, Liberal Solutions” Avenir Suisse is publishing a web only interactive graphic showing the state of Switzerland. Click on the illustration to discover more:CH 1995-2035-Inhaltsverzeichnis-690

For the next two months, Avenir Suisse will be using its website to illustrate, in weekly steps, where Switzerland stands today and the key challenges facing the country over the next 20 years. The interactive graphic will show how the Swiss have managed (or failed) to overcome other demands over the past two decades, and what reforms are still required to remain ahead in international rankings for competitiveness, innovation and quality of life in 2035.

The analysis is based on eight global trends, visualised through infographics: globalisation; ageing; growing individualism; urbanisation; prosperity and distribution; state and regulation; resources and the environment; and technological change.  Key aspects of the graphics will be fleshed out in short texts, helping to explain the status quo, the outlook and the challenges. Where suitable data are available, developments between 1995 and 2015 will be visualised and possible trends to 2035 projected. In all, the data will shed light on 24 challenges in all their differing facets. Policy recommendations and “liberal answers” will be given for each global trend. The project will start with “Globalisation” and “Ageing” and be followed by a further trend each week.

This rather unusual Avenir Suisse publication is not aimed primarily at experts in each field, but at all those interested in the key interactions between economics and society. While the style will be factual and sober, the intention is to spark discussion and emphasise the need for reform. The analyses are based partly on previous Avenir Suisse publications, in which each issue is covered in greater detail. Our new initiative is aimed primarily at updating and synthesising this existing material. It should provide food for thought for the concerned, those thirsting for knowledge, reluctant readers, graphics fans, people in a hurry and the impatient.