People with savings have to pay their own way when they need old age care. By contrast, those who’ve squandered their resources earlier in life are barely disadvantaged. Our new Video argues that obliging everyone aged 55 and above to set some capital aside would allow them to choose for themselves what sort of old age care they would like, without overburdening younger generations and savers, as today.


Illustrations/Animation: Sergo Mikirtumov (Biel), Archill Kukhianidze

You can learn more about saving for old age in the book “Generationenungerechtigkeit überwinden“ by Jérôme Cosandey.

Our new video-series “Avenir Suisse in Motion” uses pictures instead of words to explain our position on market economics and a liberal society. We aim to portray complex economic problems simply and with a touch of humour. Of course, the real world is often more complicated than just pictures. But making things makes us focus on the essentials: Where exactly is the problem? And what’s our solution? See also our video “Mobility Pricing can make travelling more pleasant“.